Monday, 24 July 2017

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 30: Holbein Stitch

Welcome to another day in the library at Sunday Stitch School.

We need a linear stitch and after looking trough this pile
the Holbein Stitch was picked. It features in every one of the books. It is an important stitch for Assisi embroidery and Blackwork.

Other English names are Double Running Stitch (tells you how it is worked!), Line Stitch, Two-sided Line Stitch, Two-sided Stroke Stitch, Square Stitch, Romanian Stitch and Chitra Stitch.
In Swedish it is called Holbeinsöm.

Work it like this:
 Make a line of even Running stitches

 Work the empty spaces on the return journey. If two different colours are used, you get a more striking effekt and it won't be confused with Back Stitch.

It looks good when it is used to make pattern like this.

1) Make a row on the Aida sampler

2) Fill in a square on this 'canvas'.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Friday Homework for Lesson 29: Madam Totsuka's Loop Stitch

Here is my homework for Sunday Stitch School's Lesson 29.

A line of Madam Totsuka's Loop Stitch on my Aida sampler:

This stitch needs to be anchored properly and to be able to do so on Aida, you need to work in the woven areas between the holes...

Freeform embroidery:
I made a small floral display. The stitch works nicely in a circle for flowers and if the loops are large enough they could go for leaves. With small loops they make a very knobby stem.
I will definitely use this stitch for embellishing seams on crazy quilting.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

WIPW - Snake Guts

Work In Progress Wednesday. Time for a report:

It has been too hot to work during the daytime so I have let the midnight light burn while quilting

Trinity Green 
All the in-the-ditch quilting is done and I have something that looks like Snake Guts (intestine).
I am still pondering what to do with the 'tagliatelle' quilting. Free motion or Fancy Machine stitching?

NHK Partnership Quilt

I have completed the block for  NHK's Partnership Quilt project. As you may remember, the theme was Tree of Life.
It was hard to do on this small scale, 15cmx15cm, and I settled for round leaves and made one round Swedish flag.
Last day for a contribution is 31st July. Read more here.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Sunday Stitch School: Lesson 29 - Madam Totsuka's Loop Stitch

Welcome to the Library at Sunday Stitch School.
Today I want you to have a look at another of Madam Sadako Totsuka's books: Totsuka Embroidery Stitch Book 12.

This book is devoted to the Loop Stitch and the Rosetta Stitch and a lot of arrangements.

A stitch called Loop Stitch (also known as Detached Chain Stitch or Knotted Loop Stitch) can be found in other stitch dictionaries.

Today's stitch is a different one all together. To keep them apart, I will give it the nickname of  Madam Totsuka's Loop Stitch. It is a version of the Chain Stitch.

To work it successfully you need plain weave fabric, a needle with a sharp tip and a thread that can be split:

Come out of the fabric and pierce the thread where it came out.

 Take the needle out a step below and place the thread underneath the needle.

 Insert the needle at the start, again piercing the thread.

 When you pull through, a loop is formed and anchored firmly.

 It should stand up like this
This is the basic Madam Totsuka's Loop Stitch.

To make a line, take the needle out at the bottom of that straight stitch, and repeat in the same way, making sure the loops are anchored firmly.

After a while you will have a line of loopy loops.

Your homework
will be to work
1) a line on the Aida sampler. Use a sharp tipped needle and fix the stitches securely as Aida is not really a suitable fabric to work on.

2) also work some free form embroidery on this scrap of batik.
I hope you will enjoy this 'new' stitch. Should you have seen it before and have a name for it, please let me know.